The Court Of Miracles Vol.1

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Orchestre Celesti 5th album.All tracks composed by Federico Fantacone except Tomorrow Never Knows by Lennon - Mc Cartney from Revolver, and Hiroshima Mon Amour by Fantacone-Lanari-Zammarrelli from Douglas Fairbanks Band late 70' repertoire.

Thanks to Lisa La Rue, John Baker, Ken Foster of Aurovine, Gert Hulshof of DPRP, Marco Croci of Maxophone, Giuseppe Lanari , Antonio Zammarrelli, Marco Croci, Paolo Dolfini, Maria Luisa Subrizi, Irene Fantacone, Luca Fantacone, Luca Bernini for support, suggestions and encouragement.

Dedicated to my beloved parents, Giancarlo/Gian (Aug 11, 1927 - Dec 27 2013) and Maria Teresa/Gegia (Nov 9, 1929 - Sept 2 2014) :-(

Composed and recorded from September 2012 to February 2014

Instruments and equipment: the cheapest you could conceive...



Progressive Rock


All Rights Reserved

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The Court Of Miracles Vol.1
The Court Of Miracles Vol.1
  • Hiroshima Mon Amour (short version, piano solo)
  • Air Dancer II (original version, title by Lisa La Rue Baker)
  • Gentlemen (affectionately dedicated to Gentle Giant & Three Friends)
  • The Court Of Miracles
  • Eye of the Needle (instrumental version)
  • Repetita Juvant (I repeat myself when under stress...)
  • Academic exercise (the same, old 5/4)
  • Tomorrow Never Knows (instrumental and risky)
  • Dirty and Electric n° 12 (remastering an old 4-track Tascam recording)


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