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QUATTRO is a gamble. Making neo-Italian prog. I considered all the
criticisms to the three previous albums
(which were often appreciated by both
national and international reviews), in
particular those related to the lack of
tonal range (same keys sounds) and
heaviness/boredom of some
passages. I could not replace the digital
drum with a real drummer, but I tried a
more realistic effect by integrating high
quality samples with intervention \"ad
hoc\" with drum machines. I tried to give
more depth to the songs and to
reconnect more directly to the tradition
of Italian prog, adding brief vocals, sort
of \"vocal solos\" with simple texts,
instant, existentialist.
I have directly sung and recorded the
vocal segments, with a crude and
certainly debatable result, but it gives
the songs that depth I was looking for a
long time. In any case, immediately
after the publication of QUATTRO
\"sung\" it will be made available
QUATTRO \"instrumental\", along with
other bonus tracks: in fact more tracks
were excluded from this first release.
In QUATTRO I looked for a link with the
electronics of the 80s, with extensive
use of sequencer to replace the bass
lines. I also tried to add psychedelics,
which I always loved, and which are a
historically important in the birth of prog,
at the end of the '60s.

The next episodes of the story of
Orchestre Celesti foresee in early
2013 the participation in a prog-
complilation of AUROVINE
(www.aurovine.com), an album with
American keyboardist Lisa La-Rue
Baker (already anticipated by the
December 1st publication of the
Christmas single \"Aspiration\", in free
download) , participation in \"Family
Snapshot\" 3 CD set tribute to the
production of solo memebri Genesis
(Mellow Records).

For updates, you can find OC on
Facebook (news), MySpace (news and
selection of songs), Bandcamp (all
albums). Last.FM (all albums), Aurovine
(all albums + rarities), Soundcloud
(selection of tracks by OC and side-
project Wanwwa), Power Of Prog
(news and music/video selection).
YouTube (OC and Wanwwa videos).


Progressive Rock



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  • Un Prologo
  • La Talpa
  • Canto Alle Nuvole
  • Morte e Resurrezione di un Mago
  • Questo Mondo
  • L'ombra
  • I tuoi pensieri
  • The Suite
  • L'ultimo Bolero (extended version)
  • Musica


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