Orchestre Celesti

On a side note, the artist name - "Celestial Orchestra" - is a
reference to an old Chinese art now alomost forgotten, in which
doves were trained to follow specific flight patterns. Once the
trajectories were all set, small flutes were attached to the legs
of the birds, who then produced music according to the
patterns they'd been trained to fly.

(from Progarchives).

Federico Fantacone played in the band Frigo in the late
1970’s-early 1980’s, along with Marco Croci who is now the
bass player for Italian prog band Maxophone, and PaoloDolfini
who also played keyboards for well-known Italian prog band
Jumbo. Fantacone’s cover of the Flower Kings’ instrumental
“The Rain Maker” appears on the boxset “A Flower Full of
Stars,” a tribute to the Flower Kings compiled by Marco
Bernard (Samurai) for Musea Records. Fantacone has also
recorded four albums under the moniker “Orchestre Celestri”,
most recently the album “Four.” He has also recently
contributed a cover of Steve Hackett’s “Transylvanian Express”
which will be included in the forthcoming “Family Snapshop”, a
3 CD box to celebrate the solo careers of Genesis members
being issued by Mellow Records.


Compi la Tua magia (2007) - cover

Compi la Tua magia (2007)

First Orchestre Celesti album. It includes the acclaimed suite "Compi La Tua Magia", a hymn to self growth, proactivity and creativity

Progressive Rock
20 tracks

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Black And Red-remastered (2009) - cover

Black And Red-remastered (2009)

The second OC album was nominated in Prog Awards 2009 in the category "Best Italian Record"

Progressive Rock
18 tracks

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Transition Of Power (2011) - cover

Transition Of Power (2011)

It is the third album of Orchestre Celesti, the instrumental prog project by the keyboardist Federico Fantacone.

Progressive Rock
15 tracks

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QUATTRO - cover


QUATTRO is composed, played, produced and distributed by Federico Fantacone, alias Orchestre Celesti Lyrics adapted from "Sandra Spatafora, Il Lungo Cammino, Edizioni Pentarco Torino"

Progressive Rock
10 tracks

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SUITES - the long ones - cover

SUITES - the long ones

A collection of the 3 Orchestre Celesti suites: "Compi la Tua Magia"

Progressive Rock
3 tracks

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The Court Of Miracles Vol.1 - cover

The Court Of Miracles Vol.1

Orchestre Celesti 5th album

Progressive Rock
9 tracks

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Paesaggi di Suono - cover

Paesaggi di Suono

The Fantacone /LaRue project is a culmination of over three years of trading ideas, files, tracks, and inspirations across the Atlantic Ocean. The collection features 10 tracks.

Progressive Rock
10 tracks

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The Court Of Miracles Vol.1 (preview)

Progressive Rock / Release date: 2014

samples from in-progress recordings for next Orchestre Celesti album, the 5th, to be released on December 5th 2014. Title: The Court Of Miracles. Cover: from http://erdbeermilch.minitokyo.net/: Ryuya Wallpaper: The Court of Miracles (Anime & Manga)

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Location: North Italy


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2012 - June: Welcome!

Welcome to Orchestre Celesti on amazing new platform Aurovine. Here OC will gradually upload the entire OC production: album and rarities. Dedicated to Italian Prog.

2012 - september: Updating

The 4th OC album is in state "advanced" , video-previews available on YT Link

2012 - December: ASPIRATION

Progressive rock keyboardists Lisa LaRue and Federico Fantacone, have collaborated on a Christmas release titled “Aspiration.” The track was originally a piano piece written and performed by LaRue, for which Fantacone wrote, arranged and performed orchestrations.

2013 - January: QUATTRO (FOUR) is out

Over 60' of pure italian neo-prog. Very different from the usual Orchestre Celesti. More simphonic, more electronic, more psichedelic. With rough, direct, simple, existentialist lyrics. Creative mixing. And another tribute to DFB - Douglas Fairbanks Band, misknown band playing the strangest progressive you can conceive, in late seventies, in Northern Italy (Saronno, where also Maxophone were born...)

2013- Winter Promo

Transition Of Power discounted from 7 to 3 euros (album), expires February 28!

2013 - New rarities!

Soon, ONLY on AUROVINE, free download of "China", a suite recorded by Orchestre Celesti/Federico Fantacone and Luca Fantacone on bass and efx, 20 year ago, with the moniker "MACHINE IN THE GARDEN"

2013 Fan Recruitment

ORCHESTRE CELESTI FAN RECRUITMENT! Dear FB friends, please join Aurovine and support Orchestre Celesti by entering the band name HERE, getting mutual advantages! Link

2013 - New album (the 5th)

The composition sessions for the 5th OC album are work in progress. All the production process, starting from these very early phases, can be followed on FB page Link

2013 - New album (the 5th) -2

The 5th Orchestre Celesti album is in an advanced state of (de) composition...To be released on 2014 Spring, it will include: the remake of a previously unreleased track called Dirty And Electric n°12 Link the 5/4 "Draftbach": Link the electrorchestral symphonietta "Elegy", Link. Dedicated to Camel a jazz-rock seduptive track with a hypnotic "arpeggio": Link the Gentle Giant - inspired "Gentlemen" Link a cover of Tomorrow Never Knows, Beatles, from Revolver (1966), Link some electronic tracks Galahad-like (but instrumental), a sort of "disco-prog" experiment a track previously recorded for QUATTRO, then excluded, inspired to the ossessive climate of the Strain Trilogy by Guillermo del Toro and Chuck Hogan Link The sound will be schizofrenic: sometimes electronic, sometimes orchestral, sometimes both in the same song. Within a strong, common prog frame. A lot of bonus tracks will be added Closed the draft tracks composition & rough recording sessions of the draft music, the real work of recording and arrangement of the definitive versions began , starting from over 6 minute- piano draft (still untitled) already shared on the amazing platform AUROVINE Link

2014 - 5th december: new album release date

Orchestre Celesti next album, The Court of Miracles Vol. 1", will be released on December 5th. Here above the CD notes and the ultimate cover, from an amazing oil on canvas by my good friend Sergio Gatta Tracks 1. Hiroshima Mon Amour (short version, piano solo) (1) 2. Air Dancer II (original version, title by Lisa La Rue Baker) (2) 3. Gentlemen (affectionately dedicated to Gentle Giant & Three Friends) 4. The Court Of Miracles (all around me...) (3) 5. Eye of the Needle (instrumental version) (4) 6. Repetita Juvant (I repeat myself when under stress...) (5) 7. Academic exercise (the same, old 5/4) 8. Tomorrow Never Knows (instrumental and risky) 9. Dirty and Electric n° 12 (remastering an old 4-track Tascam recording) (6) (1) Shortened remake of a Douglas Fairbanks Band classic (composed in late '70) (2) A version with the same titled enriched by Lisa La Rue Baker is included in Fantacone-La Rue "Sonic Landscape" (3) Title track. Not coincidentally. At this stage of my life, I can not get rid of the "Court of Miracles" around me: lobbyists, stupid institutions, false poor, workaholic, lawyers, accountants, rabbits werewolves (4) Patiently waiting for the sung version (by an old friend of mine playing in an old well-known Prog italian band...) (5) Composed after listening for the millionth time the KC "Indiscipline" (6) With myself to electric guitar, be patient please.

2014 - 25th november: Fantacone-LaRue album will be available HERE!

Federico Fantacone, an Italian progressive rock keyboardist and composer best known as “Orchestre Celesti” and Lisa LaRue, a progressive rock keyboardist and composer best known for her projects 2K9 and 2KX, have combined their talents to record the CD “Sonic Landscape” (“Paesaggi di Suono” in Italian). The Fantacone /LaRue project is a culmination of over three years of trading ideas, files, tracks, and inspirations across the Atlantic Ocean. The collection features 10 tracks. Fantacone and LaRue will each release their version of the material through different outlets, with a different cover image and title for each – Fantacone’s release will be titled “Paesaggi di Suono” and LaRue’s release will be titled “Sonic Landscape”. There is a special guest appearance on 2 tracks by singer/guitarist John Baker (Mars Hollow, The Little Girls). The release is set to hit the streets November 25, 2014 as digital download with limited number of copies in CD format. The CD format will be packaged in cardboard jacket with one side having the English cover and the other, the Italian. will be available as “Sonic Landscape,” both with the same root meaning. The download version will be available through LaRue’s website at Link and Fantacone’s sites at Link and Link The physical CD will be available at LaRue’s website. A video for the track, “Taste of Expectation,” will be released on November 20, and available for viewing on LaRue’s website, YouTube and on the duo’s Facebook fanpage.



01 Dec 2012 | 00.00pm

Progressive rock keyboardists Lisa LaRue and Federico Fantacone, have collaborated on a Christmas release titled “Aspiration.” The track was originally a piano piece written and performed by LaRue, for which Fantacone wrote, arranged and performed orchestrations. The artists are releasing the track December 1, with the wishes, “May you reach all of your dreams this holiday season.”

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